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Grissini Machine-Kaak Line
Grissini Machine-Kaak Line

This breadstick machine was exclusively studied to cover the breadsticks with sesame seeds without moreover excluding the possibility to produce them without sesame. Completely in stainless steel the machine respects the most scrupulous alimentary hygienic rules and it is able to work all the type of dough mix. The facility in the replacement of the forming rollers allows to obtain various types of breadsticks. The length of the breadstick is predetermined and it is always put right in the centre of the pan. The breadstick machine can be provided without the automatic sheeter. It will always be possible to buy it subsequently.



Technical features:

  • Production: Kg/h 100-350
  • Pan sizes: cm. 60x40 - 60x50 80x40 - 80x60
  • Width: cm. 80
  • Power: kw. 1,5
  • Forming rollers diam: mm. 4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11-12-15
  • Production speed (Pans/min): 7
  • Height: cm. 140
  • Breadsticks length: cm. 5-6-7-9-10,5-13-18-26
  • Length: cm. 285
  • Weight: kg. 400