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Maxidrop 400
Maxidrop 400

Dropping machine MaxiDrop

The model MAXIDROP is an extremely versatile and creative machine and, thanks to its numerous production possibilities and choices of the product shapes, is also ideal for a big pastry laboratory.
An easy and intuitive control panel displays all working parameters of the dropping machine. In any moment, the operator can recall the programs previously stored or modify each single parameter simply by acting on the control keyboard.

The model MAXIDROP is available in two standard versions:
- MAXIDROP with dosing unit rollers type, rotary mould and wire-cutting device
- MAXIDROP SX with dosing unit rollers type, rotary mould, wire-cutting device and lowering conveyor system during dosing cycle

The model MAXIDROP is supplied with the following standard equipment:
- Dosing unit rollers type for hard pastries with stainless steel rollers, extractable and completely knockdown for the correct cleaning of the parts in touch with the dough
- Couple of hopper adaptors for soft pastries
- Rotary mould and two sets of bronze nozzles
- Wire-cut mould standard shape

Moreover it is possible to equip the machine with:
- Dosing unit gears pump type for fluid pastries
- Moulds for the production of sponge cake, plum cakes, muffins, lady's fingers, madeleines, etc.
- Bronze multiple nozzles