European Bakery

VMI offer a large range of spiral AV or AVI mixers (from 80 to 900 kgdough), with several options in order to do small or large productionof bread, Viennese pastries, pizzas. Robust and reliable, they guaranteeconsistent production thanks to the positively driven mixing bowl bymeans of a polyamide ertalon driving gear. The mixing bowl does notslip even when CO2 or ice is being added.


Ingredients box

It allows the safe introduction of minor ingredients (up to 3) and avoids the possibility of them being forgotten.


Bowl Location bysimple or doubleclamp system

  • Hydraulic locking for thesmallest models of the range.
  • Double clamps locking for avery powerful grip of the bowland better centring whichthen provides a more regularkneading.


Driving Belts

The belts offer a high level ofpower. The speed reductionsare done by belts (poly V orindexed) and not by gears whichrequire cleaning, greasing andevacuation and which are alsofragile.