SALTEK was founded in 1978, at a time when Pita (Arabic) bread baking was still performed in traditional ways. Due to its prospective sensation for technical growth and the requirements of the modern industry, it succeeded to combine the Tradition and Experience of the past with technological progress of today, to offer its clients the best of modern equipments for the production of excellent Pita bread.

As leading manufacturer of Bakery equipments in the Middle East since 1978, Saltek/ Lebanon has occupied its rightful position among internationally renowned companies, acquiring a name equivalent to high quality and performance. Moreover, our ongoing commitment, technical expertise, extensive industrial know-how and experience have made SALTEK a trusted partner in consulting, decision making, implementing and after sales operational support for a majority of successful pita bread producers worldwide.

Our core manufacturing activity Includes design and production of Equipments and Production lines for Pita & various types of Flat Bread. We constantly try to serve our customers worldwide with a sense of responsibility, to provide them most with effective systems that accomplish their requirements, with a committed team of more than120 employees.

We constantly aim at exceeding the expectations of our customers, allowing them to improve their business.

As the CEO of Saltek s.a.l. Mr. Garo Salkhanian ensures the commitment of Saltek team to the continuous improvement and growth of Saltek in partnership with our customers.
Our Values
Customer oriented