Saltek is ISO: 9001:2008 certified company, for Quality Management System.
In our choice of raw material and components we carefully take into account conformity to food grade and hygienic standards.
We have implemented the requirements of the European Directive under 2006/42/EC (CE Marking) on our products in accordance to European Community fulfilling safety and hygiene standards for operator and product.

Saltek continuously upgrades the design of its products, in conformity with Machinery Safety norms under ISO:12100
Our machines are durable, built to work nonstop, with minimal maintenance, to serve our worldwide customers for extensive periods of time.
In addition, prominent and experienced  bakers worldwide trust only Saltek lines, because of the distinguished quality of bread that our machines produce.
Through our periodic customer satisfaction surveys, our customers commend our punctual and effective after sales support of our committed maintenance and installation teams. On our part, we are constantly on the go to attain full satisfaction of our customers.